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Irrbloss (2020) part 1

head writer / script / editor / sound design

When Frida's dad dies, an administrative error occurs, stating that she and her mother are not the only heirs. To sort out the issue, Frida has to reach the eccentric hermit Kevin. But Kevin dedicates his life to contact with something mysterious in the radio waves, ever since he himself suffered a loss as a child.

Irrbloss is the first part of four, in an audio drama series. A subtle sci-fi drama about family, abandonment, and spooky beings in northern Sweden.

In swedish

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Starring: Nora Malm, Johan Asplund, Andreas Nygård, Simon Hultin & Anna Laurin


Director: Andreas Nygård


In the writer's room: Andreas Mortensen, Andreas Nygård, Simon Hultin, Lisa Lundström & Gustav Collin

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